ALD/PD 2022 Theme Statement

Unleashing an Offensive of 64 Years of African Liberation Day & Palestine (Nakba) Day: Intensifying the Revolutionary Struggle Against Capitalism & Imperialism, Zionism & Neo-Colonialism; Forward to Pan-Africanism – One Unified Socialist Africa

Unleashing an Ideological and Organizational Offensive

Commemorating and Building on 64 Years of African Liberation Day (ALD)

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) is an inheritor and continuator with a responsibility to advance the revolutionary theories and practices of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Ahmed Sekou Toure, Kwame Ture and African masses worldwide fighting for Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa. This year the A-APRP (GC) is commemorating 64 years of African Liberation Day (ALD) and 74 years of the Palestine (NAKBA) Day in Palestine and the Palestinian Diaspora and we are calling for your help in unleashing a revolutionary mass Pan-African and International ideological and organizational offensive against international capitalism and imperialism, Zionism and Neo-colonialism and against the oppression and exploitation of women.

Capitalism, imperialism, Zionism and Neo-colonialism are all components of the same international system of exploitation. Women suffer most under this system as sexism, the oppression and exploitation of women is an ideological principle of capitalism, imperialism and Zionism. European capitalism and imperialism has intensified its economic, cultural and social , military and counter-intelligence directed terrorism, exploitation and oppression in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North, South and Central America, and the South Pacific Islands, underlining Aotearoa (New Zealand), Azania/South Africa, Bolivia, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Hawaii, Iraq, Ireland, Libya, Mali, Mexico, Palestine, Fiji and Solomon Islands, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, West Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe and other oppressed nationalities and of the working masses, worldwide.

In this regard, the A-APRP (GC) is clear that its responsibility today is to help build and develop a systemic capacity to disseminate culturally correct revolutionary mass Pan-Africanist and socialist political education to the African masses worldwide. We are also clear that the role of mass political education must be ultimately led and fulfilled by African intellectuals, students and youth! The A-APRP (GC) challenges our African intelligentsia, our anointed “scholars” and students and youth in Africa and the African Diaspora, to inherit and take ownership of and continue your historically determined role to be the revolutionary catalyst in the political education and organization of the masses of our People worldwide. “Practice without thought is blind; thought without action is empty”[1] is the guiding principle of our challenge to you.

The development of science, computerization, information and social media technology of today’s world offers a genuine possibility for the realization of this goal sooner than later. It is African intellectuals, students and youth who have the intellectual and technical understanding, know-how and energy to take command of this work. What is lacking is an understanding and the practice of the guiding principles of Nkrumahism-Toureism the ideology, we suggest, is the correct ideology of the African Revolution. The fundamental question our intellectuals, students and youth must answer is do you have the willingness and love of our People; the preparedness to suffer and sacrifice for them and most importantly to be a humble servant of the African masses?

The A-APRP (GC) remains steadfast and unwavering in our understanding of historical and social truth that Students Spark Revolution and Youth Are The Driving Force Of Revolution. We challenge African students and youth to inherit, take ownership and continue your historically  determined role and responsibility to be the revolutionary spark, the catalyst and driving force of the African Revolution with Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa, as our objective. This role and responsibility must not be taken lightly as it cannot be realized outside of mass revolutionary organization. ORGANIZATION DECIDES EVERYTHING!

African students can and must ideologically fertilize the soil of Pan-Africanism, worldwide, because of your mobility and role in the germination and dissemination of new ideas. “University students in Sub-Saharan Africa have become the most mobile in the world, as about 5% of the 8.1 million tertiary students of the continent have crossed a border, as compared to the global average of 2.4%. . . .”[2] To make this point much clearer the demography of Africa helps to qualify this strategic question and points to the vitally important role of students and youth in the revolutionary struggle for Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa.

“In 2020, the median age in Africa was 19.7 years, meaning half of the population was older and half was younger than that age. . . . Africa is the youngest continent in the world and presents the highest share of inhabitants aged 14 years and younger, that is, 41 percent of the total population.”[3] Hopefully, it is clearer that the organization of African students and youth is an objective necessity for the forward motion of the African Revolution.

We must also help organize and mobilize African women for Pan-Africanism and scientific socialism. “Just as the freedom of African women cannot be waged and pursued outside the context of the struggle of our Peoples for the liberation and emancipation of our continent, so the freedom of Africa cannot be effective if it does not lead, concretely, to the liberation of women of Africa.”[4] African women represent “701,892,117 out of a total population 1,403,748,455”[5] in Africa and African women are and must remain the heart of the African revolutionary struggle. Kwame Nkrumah was correct that “The degree of a country’s revolutionary awareness, may be measured by the political maturity of its women”[6], particularly when it is also correct to state that as it relates to the political education, organization and mobilization of the African students, youth and the Masses that “Revolutions are brought about by men, by men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.”[7] Let it be clear that Nkrumah also included women in this axiom. Theory and practice is the only way to live for those who profess the love for our People and are for the unity, liberty and justice of African people worldwide.

The A-APRP (GC) also attempts to be diligent in its effort to continue with the building and cultivation of principled, strategic and tactical organic relationships with revolutionary Pan-Africanist, socialist and other African comrade organizations; with issue oriented and progressive reform focused African and International organizations, coalitions, and fronts and with revolutionary international comrade organizations and other political alliances worldwide.

African people are represented in every country on earth some through migration most by human trafficking and military force, particularly, under European capitalism and imperialism, to the Western Hemisphere. African people are powerless worldwide because Africa is controlled economically, culturally, militarily by European imperialism, including Zionism. The suffering of our People, with the technical and technological advances in world being as stellar as they are makes our national-racist oppression and class exploitation even more dastardly inhumane and criminal. Africa is a land of tremendous natural wealth with incredible intellectual and human labor, natural and mineral resources. Africa remains divided based on the decisions of the European convened, Berlin Conference of 1884. The relationship between Africa and European capitalism and imperialism benefits only capitalist Europe and not Africa. The only other beneficiaries, in Africa and the African Diaspora, of this arrangement are Africa’s Neo-colonial puppets who are the proxy class, the anti-People’s class, in Africa and in the African Diaspora who for a measly “tribute’s” penny, further our People’s national-racist oppression and class exploitation.

Not only is the A-APRP (GC) commemorating and reaffirming its inheritance and the continuing revolutionary struggle for Pan-Africanism and with it the liberation and emancipation of African people worldwide, particularly African women; we are in complete solidarity with the Palestinian Revolution and the revolutionary struggle to liberate Palestine from Zionist-imperialist settler-occupation. The revolutionary struggle to liberate Palestine is organically linked to the revolutionary struggle to rid Africa of the scourge of Zionism. The revolutionary struggle for a liberated Palestine is one with the revolutionary struggle to liberate and unite Africa under scientific socialism. Kwame Nkrumah proclaimed it best, “The emancipation of the African continent is the emancipation of man”[8] and that is the importance of the realization of Pan-Africanism to world humanity.

Ahmed Sekou Toure, explained this dialectical relationship between Palestine and Africa and Africa’s rejection of Zionism using the People’s Revolutionary Republic of Guinea as an example by clarifying “The cause being defended today by the Arab countries is inseparable from that which is being defended by the people of Guinea, Africa, and other continents. . . . Historically, Guinea cannot forget that during the last world war imperialism favored the installation of the future state of Israel in Guinea province, namely the Fouta Djallon highlands in central Guinea. This in fact meant that the Guinean people living in the Fouta Djallon region would have been expelled from their own land in the interest of Israel.

Behind Israel were the imperialist powers, who could impose the argument of force on the Guinean people. Had this plan been realized, Guinea’s independence would have had no significance because our people would have freed themselves from French colonization only to be subjected to that of Israel. Had this happened, the Guineans would today have the right to appeal for the solidarity of all people who love justice and freedom to support them in their liberation struggle against imperialism and Israel.”[9]

From the beginning of their colonizing mission, the racist settler-occupiers of Palestine also developed political, economic, cultural and military cooperation with their racist European settler relatives in Azania/South Africa as both practice apartheid and settler-colonialism on the Palestinian and Azanian/South African peoples, respectively. “The Jerusalem Post has noted that Israel ‘is the first country with which South Africa has set up a joint ministerial committee to promote economic cooperation. Political cooperation has been translated into more direct forms, both economic and military. The large Jewish population of South Africa, described by an Israeli newspapers as ‘one of the most vibrant Zionist-minded and supportive in the world, has made various significant contributions to Zionist settler-colonialism.”[10]

Other colonized countries in Africa, like Kenya and Uganda were targets of Zionist-imperialism from which the telescopic sights on the barrel of the Zionists’ guns were refocused to Palestine. The A-APRP (GC), representing genuine Pan-Africanists worldwide, therefore inherit and continue with the revolutionary solidarity with our comrades in Palestine and salute them and commemorate with them 74 years of Palestine Day (NAKBA) as an expression of our emerging revolutionary African Personality during this ideological and organizational African Liberation Day Offensive against Zionism and the occupation of Palestine.

People of Africa, arise!

Defeat imperialism, Neo-colonialism and settler domination.

Stand together and unite in the revolutionary struggle.

Forward to victory.

We shall conquer.[11]

African Liberation Day Commemorating 74 Years of Palestine (NAKBA) Day:

In Principled Solidarity with the Palestinian Revolution

This year marks the 74th year of the commemoration of the NAKBA in Palestine. ALL genuine Pan-Africanists are in solidarity with the Palestinian Revolution and have a hatred for Zionism. History has recorded that Judaism was and is used as the smoke-screen for the settler-colonial aspirations of international Zionism and its European racist-bourgeois nationalism. There can be no confusion and what must be clear is a Zionist cannot be a Jew nor can a Jew be a Zionist. That is impossible because the principles of Judaism and Zionism are incompatible! The first Jews were African, born in Ethiopia, therefore being a Jew cannot represent a nationality, only a believer in the religion of Judaism. Even Zionism validates this historical truth through its May 25, 1991, military covert operation, Operation Solomon, where the occupiers of Palestine, who are of European origin, air-lifted 14,325 Ethiopian Jews to Palestine in 36 hours.[12] Ethiopians, in Palestine, are now on the ground fighting Zionism and the occupiers of Palestine as they are nationally oppressed and economically exploited. Zionism is not a religion, Zionism is a backwards and reactionary bourgeois ideology; Zionism promotes and practices genocidal imperialism and Zionism promotes and practices racism.

Just as European capitalism and imperialism used Christianity and the church as an unethical and immoral racist smoke-screen to colonize the Western Hemisphere and then kidnap, traffic and enslave African people; so did European capitalism and imperialism use Judaism and the synagogue, to confuse religion with imperialism, to justify the expulsion of the Palestinian people from their land in the name “God” and then deny their right to return. The truth must be told, once again, on the question of Palestine.

The genocidal occupation of Palestine, by European Zionist-imperialism, was declared May 14, 1948, recognized by U.S. Imperialism, an ally of Zionism, that same day.  The occupation of Palestine was unethically and immorally sanctioned into international law by European imperialism, through one of its appendages, the United Nations (UN), May 11, 1949, as another “sovereign and independent” European settler-colonial state. Therefore, the liberation of Palestine, like all settler-colonial states, is a pre-condition for the possibility of international justice and world peace. Palestine is another victim of European settler-colonialism, which is an instrument of European imperialism. Where Judaism is an ancient religion, Zionism found its grounding at the First Zionist Congress, in Basle Switzerland in August 29-31, 1897.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) knows the history of the Zionist movement and the development of Zionism very well and is immovable on our understanding of historical truth that Zionism is imperialism, Zionism is settler-colonialism and Zionism is racism. We inherit, continue and advance the analysis and hatred of Zionism by Pan-Africanist Kwame Ture as he taught, “Our eyes are now open: we have begun to see this trickery of Zionism; we have begun to see the evil of Zionism, and we will fight to wipe it out wherever it exists, in the Middle East or in the ghetto of the United States.”[13]

Zionism commits genocide on the Palestinian people and it is the occupiers of Palestine that play the role of a military imperialist outpost in the “Middle East” for European imperialism, particularly U.S. imperialism.  Zionism’s claim to Palestine is but a smoke screen for the colonization of any land from which they could reap the benefits of being a lap-dog of imperialism. Today, the A-APRP (GC) remains steadfast in its principled solidarity with the Palestinian revolutionary struggle against the occupation of Palestine and with it the right of each and every Palestinian to return to their Homeland, Palestine.

To this very day, as reported by Charlotte Kates of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Network during their webinar, Resisting Anti-Palestinian Repression—Fighting for Liberation, March 6, 2022, “There is a concerted effort to attack the Palestinian movement for the liberation of Palestine and the Palestinian solidarity movement; of course this is nothing new. We have seen for the last 73 years the ongoing NAKBA in Palestine. We have seen for over 100 years the ongoing imperialist attack upon and colonization of Palestine.

Right now there are over 4,650 political prisoners behind bars in Zionist jails and this is in addition to prisoners of the Palestinian struggle who are also held behind bars in the jails of reactionary Arab regimes or in imperialist states, like the United States or in France. . . .”[14]

It is imperative that Africa and African people worldwide be in the forefront of the ideological and organizational Pan-African and international offensive in solidarity with the revolutionary struggle for the national liberation of Palestine from Zionist-imperialist settler-colonialism within the inseparable context and relationship to our struggle for Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa and the  international revolutionary fight for scientific socialism.




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Illegally Imprisoned Venezuelan Diplomat Faces US Court Amid a Shifting Global Context

April 1, 2022

Illegally Imprisoned Venezuelan Diplomat Faces US Court Amid a Shifting Global Context

by Roger Harris

Alex Saab’s April 6 hearing takes place in the setting of a mercurial world situation, where events in Ukraine may have indirect bearing on his case and on the larger US economic war against Venezuela.

In a world where the US believes it makes the rules and the rest of humanity must follow its orders – what President Biden euphemistically calls the “rules-based order” – Washington has now even appropriated the prerogative to tell other countries who they may appoint as their ambassadors. As a consequence, Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab is fighting for his freedom before the 11th District Circuit Court in Miami.

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Venezuela’s Maduro slams West for trying to ‘dismember’ Russia

Venezuela’s Maduro slams West for trying to ‘dismember’ Russia

Caracas, Apr 8 (EFE).- President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela Friday slammed the economic, political, and diplomatic alliance of the West for a war to dismember Russia, refusing to join the global chorus of condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine and alleged killings of civilians there.

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Transcript of April 6 Court Hearing on Alex Saab’s Diplomatic Immunity

Alex Saab lawyer David Rivkin and Venezuela Diplomat Alex Saab, imprisoned in the US

Author: ChicagoALBASolidarity

United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit

Oral Argument 21-11083 United States v. Alex Saab Moran, Appellant

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ICJS Press Release and Press Conference of April 6, 2022 on the Assassination & Betrayal of Thomas Sankara

Click the Photo

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Reaction to sentencing of Blaise Compaore for murder of Thomas Sankara

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Pan-Africanism—Africa and the Question of Russia and Ukraine

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

Pan-Africanism—Africa and the Question of Russia and Ukraine





and the


The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) (A-APRP (GC)) is an inheritor and continuator of the revolutionary theory, practice and contributions of Pan-Africanists Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Ahmed Sekou Toure and Kwame Ture. The A-APRP (GC) also inherits and continues with the revolutionary struggles and traditions of countless African women and men, those in Africa and those in the African Diaspora, who have served, suffered and sacrificed for the realization of Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa.

To be in harmony with Africa’s revolutionary ancestors and heritage commands the A-APRP (GC) to be in unity and express solidarity with all justice and peace-seeking Peoples engaged in anti-war and peace movements, national liberation and international socialist struggles and those fighting for their humanity and human dignity. Africa’s history of revolutionary struggle mandates that we wage a political war against the cruelty of national and women’s oppression and of racist-class oppression and exploitation of the African and World’s masses.

“Dialectics have taught us that nothing is isolated. If we notice an abnormal fact, we must search for its various causes. And then, we apply the appropriate revolutionary method.”[1] The war in Ukraine is not an isolated one, but part of a global war against international imperialism; a reflection of the national interests and struggles within the imperialists’ camp and between international imperialism and the anti-war and peace, national liberation and socialist movements of the world. In a broadcast made during the First Meeting of Independent African states April, 1958, Kwame Nkrumah explained, “The imperialists of today endeavour to achieve their ends not merely by military means, but by economic penetration, cultural assimilation, ideological domination, psychological infiltration, and subversive activities even to the point of inspiring and promoting assassination and civil strife.”[2] It was true of Western imperialism in Nkrumah’s colonial and neo-colonial days and remains true today. It is Western imperialism that was also at war with the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik Party that seized power November 7, 1917 and founded the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), December 30, 1922. Today, European imperialism has now focused its war, in Europe, at Russia and Ukraine with NATO, USECOM and NED at the helm. Russia and Ukraine are targets of Western imperialism and neo-colonialist forces.

NATO, USECOM and NED Are Instruments of European Imperialism

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) recognizes that NATO and USECOM are the military-arms of European imperialism.  NED operates as a surrogate of and in collaboration with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). NED finances and directs clandestine operations, assassinations, funneling of monies, mass murder, and civil unrest and overthrows revolutionary, progressive and even no longer useful neo-colonial governments. The National Endowment for Democracy is a fomenter of war. “The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) expanded its Eurasia regional programs in 2020 to facilitate collaboration and capacity building among civil society organizations on key issues—such as conducting and amplifying the reach of investigative journalism and using digital technology for human rights and civic activism. Russia remained the top priority: NED supported programs that channel grassroots civic energy into sustained, organized movements, as well as projects that protect activists from the repression they often face because of their work”[3] It is international imperialism that is the primary enemy of Africa and Pan-Africanism and that of the Russian and Ukrainian Peoples and the world’s struggling masses for national liberation and sovereignty, human dignity, peace and scientific socialism.

There is historical consistency, continuity and vivid contradictions within the growth and development of European imperialism, including the United States,  and the founding of European imperialist controlled so-called international organizations and forums, who imperialism claimed, were to address issues of “diplomacy”, “international law” and “peace” while practicing unbridled genocidal national oppression and racist-class exploitation on world humanity. Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah is correct, “capitalism is but a gentleman’s form of slavery.”[4]

Following European imperialism’s strategic decision to discontinue the trafficking, selling and enslavement of Africans in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean, the wind of imperialism changed direction, opting for the colonization of Africa, which was negotiated at the Germany convened immoral and criminal Berlin Conference, November 15, 1884. The Berlin Conference was attended by Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), Turkey and the United States. “Of the 14, Portugal, France, Britain and Germany were the major players in the conference, controlling most of colonial Africa at the time.”[5] France, Germany and Britain fought two wars over the colonization of Africa. France, Germany and Britain would later help found, what they say, were institutions and forums to bring peace and harmony to the world. The truth is here for all to see.

It was European capitalist countries that would dominate international relations for centuries to come. Russia was present at the Berlin Conference, but never held colonies in Africa. Russia, in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was an ally to the liberation struggles in Africa providing political and military support. The U.S, founded a sham-independent, Liberia January 7, 1822, but in 1884, U.S. imperialism was focused on the neo-colonization of the Western Hemisphere and not focused on colonizing Africa. Having developed neo-colonialism in the Western Hemisphere, the U.S. would later help impose sham-independence, neo-colonialism, on Africa, particularly with the overthrow of the Kwame Nkrumah and Convention People’s Party (CPP) government February 24, 1966.

The powerlessness of Africa and African people worldwide was recorded, at the Berlin Conference. Not one African empire or representative of any political entity was invited nor present to discuss Africa’s future. European imperialism, through colonization, spoke for Africa in the international arena. European imperialism, through sham-independence, neo-colonialism, now speaks for most of Africa, today.

With the signing of the Washington Treaty or North Atlantic Treaty NATO was founded by European imperialism represented by Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States, April 4, 1949 in Washington, D.C. Turkey joined in 1952. “In April 2012, Colombia was amended into the NATO ATP-(56)-B, which gave Colombia “associate’ status to re-establish air-to-air fueling capabilities with NATO member countries.”[6] Colombia joined NATO in 2017, the only South American country to do so, giving European imperialism an inroad with air and naval outposts in the region. Colombia allying with NATO not only impacts South and Central America and the Caribbean, Colombia is now involved with international imperialism in other parts of the world. “Colombia has contributed to NATO counter-piracy patrols off the Horn of Africa.”[7] This is a part of the strategy of NATO to expand its reach and allies. “Enhancing relations with like-minded partners across the world, such as Colombia, is an essential part of NATO’s 2030 agenda for the Madrid Summit in June in order to address global security challenges.”[8]

USECOM was founded December 14, 1946. “The United States did not fully develop the unified command structure in Europe until August 1, 1952, six years after USECOM was established.”[9] U.S. capitalism and imperialism qualified its relationship with and contribution to its allies in capitalist Europe with the founding of NED November 18, 1983.

NATO’s and USECOM’s founding followed the second international war between the capitalists and bourgeoisie of imperialist Europe and Asia. NATO and USECOM were founded by European imperialism, including the U.S., for the defence of capitalism at home and the armed aggression of European imperialism abroad. Capitalist Europe, including the U.S., recognized that war between capitalist countries was detrimental to their growth and development. NATO’s purpose, in collaboration with UESCOM was to forge a political, including a military alliance to protect the economic and political interests of European capitalism and imperialism. Capitalist Europe united to coordinate and collaborate in exploiting the world’s natural resources and human labor and to also impose racist-class exploitation on the non-European world. For European imperialism, “Collective defence is at the heart of the [Washington] Treaty and is enshrined in Article 51 of the United Nations (UN)”.[10]

The United Nations, formerly the League of Nations was also founded, January 10, 1920, by European imperialism, led by U.S. imperialism. A leading organizer and advocate for the League of Nations was U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. While imperialism was formalizing its alliances internationally it was at the same time practicing merciless and genocidal colonialism in most of the world, particularly in Africa. Capitalist Europe was moving toward greater unity in the common cause of national oppression and class exploitation. What was NATO’s role? “NATO commits members to protect each other and sets a spirit of solidarity within the Alliance.”[11]

Nation-Class Struggle in Ukraine

In the Ukraine, at the same time European imperialism was ravaging other parts of the world, “the CIA worked with Neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists in Ukraine for decades, starting right after World War II….  [It was] Project Aerodynamic [CIA] in the 1950s and ‘60s that recruited Ukrainian nationalists – including Nazis and war criminals such as Mykola Lebed, who was accused of killing tens of thousands of Poles and Jews, – [and] to work against the USSR.”[12] These are the same right-wing nationalists and racist elements, including zionists that are in power today in Ukraine and are now confronted by the Russian government and military and the justice and peace seeking Ukrainian people. The treatment of African students, by the police and other civil officials clearly shows a racist element is in power in Ukraine. Zionism is also in power in Ukraine. International zionism and the zionist occupiers of Palestine are being mobilized by Ukrainian President Zelensky to send funds and other resources to Ukraine and cultivate political and military support to keep him and other NATO, USECOM, and NED allied puppets in power.

NATO, U.S. AFRICOM, NED and Neo-colonialism in Africa and the African Diaspora

 NATO, AFRICOM and NED are allied with the neo-colonial puppet governments of Africa and the African Diaspora. NATO’s, AFRICOM’s and NED’s role, in Africa and the African Diaspora, is to protect the African elites, the rich and wealthy; the political robbers and thieves, the anti-People, living off of the labour of the oppressed and exploited Masses. NATO, AFRICOM and NED keep the African and Euro-Asian bourgeoisie from being removed from power. NATO’s, AFRICOM’s and NED’s role is also to crush, by whatever means,  who they have labeled as terrorists, dictators, totalitarian, but are revolutionary and genuinely democratic, Pan-Africanist and socialist movements, mass political parties and governments in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Africa’s neo-colonial puppets are in principled opposition to the People’s mass political power being seized by the struggling African masses. NATO, AFRICOM and NED are allied with the African Union (AU) who is a puppet of international imperialism. NATO dictates, “Well beyond the Euro-Atlantic region, the Alliance continues to support the African Union (AU) in its peacekeeping missions on the African continent.”[13] African people must defend themselves and take the offensive against the African anti-People and internationalism imperialism in route to Pan-Africanism—the total liberation and unification of African under scientific socialism.

The National Endowment for Democracy is operating throughout Africa and the African Diaspora, but the following countries, in Africa, NED has identified as a focus for its civil manipulation, ideological and cultural domination and if necessary reactionary regime changing schemes: Burkina Faso, Corte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. . In addition, NED reports, “The fight against Kleptocracy emerged as a major theme of NED’s work in Africa and the correct efforts of NED partners scored significant victories starting to rein in some of the worst offenders.”[14]

In the Caribbean, South and Central America NED reports, “In 2020, the LAC (Latin and Caribbean Region) program at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) provided critical support to advance democracy in the countries under the most authoritarian regimes—Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.”[15] These code words and this subterfuge, under the guise of democracy, mean that these countries are targeted for civil unrest, military intervention, including the use of mercenaries, economic destabilization, and disinformation campaigns and ultimately to have their governments overthrown. Other countries targeted by NED in 2021, in this region, include: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru. NED is also involved in funding and then politically misdirecting and manipulating organizations and movements within the U.S. NED is imposing its reactionary murderous policies and programs on African people worldwide and a victory for NED is a defeat for Africa and African people worldwide!

NATO and USECOM were central to the immoral, criminal and illegal bombing of Libya April, 15, 1986 code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon. England was the air-base of operations. Imperialism committed a crime against Africa and humanity again in Libya March 19, 2011 led by NATO and USECOM under the cover of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. The outcome of this imperialist act of aggression and war was The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was overthrown and President Muammar Gaddafi was murdered in the eyes of the watching world. Libya is governed by murderers, today, put in power by European imperialism. Neo-colonial African governments allow NATO’s and AFRICOM’s counter-revolutionary indoctrination of the People and military operations against the People; including Africa’s bombing, without condemnation or protest.

“Since June 2007, NATO has assisted the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISON) by providing air-and sealift support for AU peacekeepers following renewed AU requests. NATO is also providing capacity-building support, as well as expert training support to the African Standby Force (ASF), at the AU’s request. The ASF is intended to be deployed in Africa in times of crisis and is part of the AU’s vision for a continental, on-call security apparatus with some similarities to the NATO Response Force.”[16]  AFRICOM has even recently conducted drone airstrikes in Somalia, “But in this case, as in four previous attacks since President Biden took office, White House approval was not needed because the Africa Command has the authority to conduct strikes in support of allied forces under what the military calls collective self-defense.”[17] African people in Africa and the African Diaspora know no liberty or sovereignty under neo-colonialism.

In addition to these imperialist operations in Africa AFRICOM and NATO are entrenched in Africa. “The United States has twenty-nine known military facilities in fifteen countries on the continent, while France has bases in ten countries. No other country from the outside of the continent has as many military bases in Africa.”[18] Consequently, NATO and AFRICOM operate in Africa, with impunity, to maintain neo-colonial political, ideological, economic and cultural hegemony with its former colonies and have imposed neo-colonialism on the People. Neither NATO’s nor AFRICOM’s militaries or NED financed civil societies and organizations should be on one speck of African soil.

NATO, USECOM, NED and the 2014 “Ukrainian Revolution”

In 2014 the National Endowment for Democracy (NED, operating as a surrogate for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, by funneling money, as standard practice, through its civil societies for that purpose. [George] “Soros’ own group—IRF or International Renaissance Foundations admits in its annual 2015 annual report that it has spent more than $180 MILLION in Ukraine since 1990. . . . in 2014, [George] Soros and other NGOs fomented the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.”[19]  Volodymyr Zelensky, a zionist and former Ukrainian actor and comedian, with no political experience, was selected by imperialism and the Ukrainian bourgeoisie to bring Ukraine under imperialism’s orbit.

NED claims that the overthrow of President Yanukovych originated with “the journalist Mustafa Nayyem, whose Facebook post launched the Maidan protest and the Maidan uprising was a profoundly democratic event, with the protestors embracing a concept of democratic citizenship involving individual responsibility to uphold democratic values and the larger community.”[20] U.S. imperialism created the conditions for Ukraine to be brought under its tentacles. The price being asked to be paid, by European imperialism, for Ukraine’s membership in the European Union (EU) and NATO is the blood and lives of the Ukrainian people.

Never Compromise Principle!

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) is making it clear that we are in support of and solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian masses who we understand, like Africa and the African Diaspora are also in a life and death struggle with European imperialism, through NATO, USECOM, AFRICOM and NED!

The solidarity of the A-APRP (GC) is one of principle and what is just. Solidarity, for the A-APRP (GC) is the unity of struggle between all oppressed Peoples. All oppressed and exploited Peoples fight, imperialism, a common enemy! African women and men must never fight in imperialist wars!

The A-APRP (GC) knows that history will record NATO’s, USECOM’s and AFRICOM’s defeat in Africa and the World and Africa’s and the African Diaspora’s neo-colonial puppets will be swept, with NATO, USECOM and AFRICOM, into the dust-bin of World and African history. Imperialism’s defeat will help usher in a revolutionary liberated, unified and socialist Africa!

The African Revolution Is African People’s Only Solution!

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) is absolutely confident that the Russian and Ukrainian Peoples will strike a death-blow against European imperialism with the defeat of NATO, USECOM and NED, in Europe and for the liberty, unity and the dignity of all oppressed humanity!

Kwame Ture always said, “Out of confusion comes clarity” and it is our intent that we have made clear the analysis and position of the A-APRP (GC). We know for a fact that the following is true: “U.S.E.U. officials engineered protests and chaos and drove a democratically elected president out of the country. Then without an election, new oligarchs—a billionaire and an IMF guy—were handpicked by the West to become the President and the Prime Minster of Ukraine.”[21] This is the nature of the contradictions’ in the Ukraine and Europe today. Although different in form, in essence, it is the same contradictions confronting neo-colonialism in Africa and with African people worldwide.  

NATO, USECOM, AFRICOM and NED are enemies of Africa and of Pan-Africanism and of all peace, justice and liberty seeking Peoples. This is the basis for the war being waged in Ukraine and Europe and also in Africa today. The A-APRP (GC) is in support of and solidarity with The Statement of Revolutionary Cuba regarding Ukraine, “Ignoring the well-founded claims of the Russian Federation concerning security guarantees and assuming that Russia would remain defenseless in the face of a direct threat to its national security was a mistake. Russia has the right to defend itself. Peace cannot be achieved by sieging or cornering States.”[22] The A-APRP (GC) finds camaraderie with the vote taken by the Eritrean government, led by the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice on the question of Russia and Ukraine. The A-APRP (GC)’s stand is one of principle, consistent with our understanding of truth, as the truth relates to the political questions concerning Africa, Russia, and Ukraine and that of the revolutionary struggles for Pan-Africanism and Socialism.

Pan-Africanism and the question of war in the Ukraine are intertwined. They represent one struggle against imperialism, in this instance, led by NATO, USECOM and NED. In the struggle against imperialism Africans, including those of African descent and Ukrainians and Russians are allies fighting a common enemy. There is unity in the anti-imperialist struggle even if we are unconscious of it. Of this we cannot be confused!

African people worldwide cannot shun or shirk their responsibility to wage war against European imperialism and zionism and fight for Pan-Africanism for history will one day record, it is the realization of Pan-Africanism that is African people’s contribution towards helping to bring capitalism and imperialism to its knees.


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JOIN US MARCH 13! MR Classics: Nkrumah’s Consciencism, with Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly and Dr. Layla Brown (Plus excerpts)

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We are very glad to to announce a new series charting movement memory, titled MR CLASSICS, starting with Kwame Nkrumah’s thought, the philosophy he called ‘Consciencism.” We are honored that Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly and Dr. Layla Brown will be here to guide us through this seminal work. We will deeply consider its contemporary relevance — that is, the issues it raises — which remain unresolved — and the questions it continues to inspire.





CLICK HERE: For International Campaign Justice for Sankara

Press release October 15, 2021 and press conference


DC Metro Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution

SATURDAY, MARCH 26, 2022 – 6:30 PM EST


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30 Years of ALD – 1988

First Printing, 1988.

Republished for Electronic Distribution & Review, 2022.

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Victory to Russia, and the Russian and Ukrainian Peoples!

Another Note From The Barricades!

A Pan-African Roots Blog

By Bob Brown

26 February 2022

An Open Letter to the People of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the World!


See Russian military attack on Ukraine: How we got there!

[Note: “Moscow says the current situation is the result of years of failed talks to end the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine after the 2014 coup in Kiev.” By Russia Today!]

There are moments in history, that are fatal if let slip by; this is one such moment for Pan-African Roots and Bob Brown! There are moments when silence becomes betrayal of the principles in which we believe; when we must choose sides. UKRAINE is one such moment for Bob Brown! I know the price I will have to pay for this decision and am prepared to pay it.

I do not pretend to speak for anyone and am prepared to stand alone! I know the price so many have paid and continue to pay for daring to speak truth to the powerless and the powerful!

  • In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, SCLC and the pacifist and nonviolent wings of the Movement demanded “Peace in Vietnam!”
  • Several leftist forces demanded “Bring the Boys Home!”
  • Muhamad Ali and the Nation of Islam said it simpler and more eloquent “I ain’t got no war with Vietnam!” and “The Vietnamese never called me a nigger!”
  • Osagefyo Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown for daring to go to China and Vietnam in search for peace, and ultimately, for the victory of Oppressed Humanity.
  • The “radical and revolutionary wing” of SNCC and SDS, shouted “Hell No We Ain’t Going!” “Smash the Draft!” and “Victory to the Viet Cong!

I did not go to Vietnam, the draft was smashed, and the Vietnamese won. I know the price they paid for this victory. I know the price that Russia paid during World War I and World II. The United States and Western Imperialism has been at war with Russia since the Russian Revolution of 1917. The U.S. and its agents and co-conspirators are waging war and COINELPRO and cointelpro-like operations in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World. Enough is enough!
My slogan is consistent and simple:


I know that I am correct, principally! Perhaps you know it as well. I respect the right of other forces, on the left, to have their perspective, and to pursue their strategy and tactics; even if they disagree with and disrespect me! “God blesses the child who has her/his own.” Success to the current wave of study, work and action in the eternal quest for peace and justice.

I do not respect the policies or practices of the U.S. government, or any of its agents and co-conspirators, regardless of the color, gender, language or spirituality. I’ve heard their bullshit before. I do not agree with or respect the Clintons, Obama, Biden or Harris; Bush or Trump, and I ask the question we asked of LBJ in 1968, how many have you killed, and how many are you killing today. They were not principled or right in 1968; they are not principled or right in 2022; and they will never be principled or right! The anti-People forces, are on the offensive in every corner of the world.

·        Enable and empower the People to go to Zoom and the barricades, in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, any way and every way you can!

·        Give peace, non-violence and diplomacy a chance!

·        Give defensive war, people’s war, and just war, a chance as well.

·        Victory to Oppressed Humanity, “by any and all means” necessary, available and principled.

For your Information, one of our videos, Another Note from the Barricades, was just uploaded to the internet. Check it out, when you have the time! A-APRP (GC)

Stay Safe and Strong!
Bob Brown
(202) 239-2676

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