Open Letter to Pope Francis & the Catholic Church #01

Pan-African Roots sends

Open Letter to Pope Francis I & the Catholic Church

Requesting confirmation that:

God Makes No Slave in the Womb!

His Holiness Pope Francis I

Head of the Catholic Church,

Prefect of the Dicastery of Evangelization, and

Grand Master of the Supreme Order of Christ

Vatican City State 00120

Your Holiness and Eminences:

Pan-African Roots, a 501-c3 tax exempt network based in the United States, sends You, and tens of thousands of other stakeholders in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, this email and two attached documents: (1) An Open Letter to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Worldwide and (2) An Incomplete List of Papal Bulls and Related Treaties for and against Exploration and Discovery, Settlement and Colonization, Trafficking and Enslavement, and Forced Conversion.

Similar Open Letters and supportive documents will be sent, over the next few weeks, to other religious, spiritual and irreligious traditions, and to other stake holders throughout Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, especially to the Heads of States and Governments of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Baltic countries, France, Great Britain, and the United States, and to their former and current Empires. We do not claim to speak for or on behalf of African People; we speak truth to them, and to the powerless and the powerful of the world. We do not compete with those forces who justly make this claim. We are a part of the records and information disclosure movement. We do not seek to build another organization; we demand the fullest and strongest accountability from all of those who exist today and will come into existence.

We are a part of the records disclosure movement. This is not a request for another apology for the crimes committed against hundreds of millions of African People during the genocide committed against, the trafficking in (trading), and enslavement of them from 1307 to 1888, or the crime being committed against 1.5 billion African People today. This is also not another demand for reparations, contracts, or grants of any kind. We do not compete with those forces who make these demands.

We request:

(1)    Confirmation that God Makes No Slaves in the Womb!

(2)    Translation, digitization, and disclosure of the 2000-year-old slavery era, colonial era and neo-colonial era records of the Catholic Church, and related entities, worldwide.

(3)    Inclusion of African and Poor Youth in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the World in every phase and aspect of this historic archival and scholarly project.

(4)    That you and the Catholic Church worldwide help create a new generation of anti-slavery and anti-trafficker, digital ninjas, digital archivists and scholars, organizers, priests, and lay people.

(5)    That you, the Catholic Church, and those civil society and governmental forces with whom you work, give every young person in the world a library card that enables and empower to access this record breaking and life-changing digital database. Give them also scholarships and the required resources to excel. In short, we request that you galvanize and unleash the fullest extent and power of the Papal Magisterium to meet the above requests. We believe that God and World Humanity will be very pleased. Pan-African Roots thanks you and all who join you in this project in advance for whatever consideration you give to our request.


Bob Brown, Director

Pan-African Roots

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