Open Letter to Pope Francis & the Catholic Church – #02


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Condolences: Simin Royanian

Simin Royanian

(August 2, 1945 – March 4, 2023)

Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it.” This statement by revolutionary fighter Frantz Fanon, born in Martinique, (Caribbean); seems to reflect the life of our Sister Simin Royanian of Iran. Sister Simin’s path of struggle led her to choose the role of being a revolutionary conscious political worker for justice, liberation, and freedom. Her lifetime actions of resistance against Imperialism/capitalism and workers’ domination by capital can be seem though her membership of the Tudeh Party (Iran Communist Party); she fought against the Shah’s regime. She also was a Co-Founder of ‘Women for Peace & Justice’ in Iran.

Being a woman of conscience, understanding the victimization of women and the triple oppression (race, class & gender) they face, as well as, being a worker, she fought to overcome these obstacles with organization and determination by joining and becoming an active member of such groups as: AFSCME Local 1924, DC Labor Committee and the Northeast Feminist Scholars Collective in Washington, DC, while serving on the Listen Station Board of WPFW Pacifica Radio.

Our Sister, Simin Royanian was a longtime ‘Friend’ of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC), its women’s wing, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC), and to Africa & her scattered, struggling and suffering children. In her steadfast support and participation in celebrating and honoring the institution of African Liberation Day/Palestine (Nakba) Day in Washington, DC, we will always view her as a true ‘Friend’ of Africa and our people’s struggle for liberation, unity, Pan-Africanism, which will lead toward the defeat of Imperialism, and the advancement to Socialism.

Our condolences go out to her family, friends and all people who will feel her loss and love. May we always remember our sister Simin as one who dedicated her life to the service and advancement of humanity. Simin, we ‘THANK YOU!’

 All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

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Pan-African Roots &

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

invites you to join us & help build the



The Trafficking (Trading) in and Enslavement of Human Beings was and is Illegal, A Crime against Humanity!

We Demand the Disclosure and Digitization of All Slavery Era Records!

Current & Planned Events

Chicago, Illinois Tour Launch - On-Site Meeting Invitation OnlyJanuary 17, 2023 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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January 17, 2023 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

January 17, 2023 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

January 17, 2023 – 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Some Past Work of Pan-African Roots

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Houses of Parliament in London, England – January 2017
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50th Anniversary of the BPM, Morehouse College – October 2016
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Erasmus University in the Netherlands – February 2020

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Call to Free Alex Saab

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)




Human Rights Day was proclaimed almost 75 years ago by the United Nations in 1948. The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) calls upon the United States government, the most grievous abuser of human rights; and its capitalist and imperialist institutions to adhere to their self-proclaimed purpose of ensuring the fundamental human, political, economic, civil, and judicial rights of the world’s people, and to immediately free Alex Saab.

The prosecution and persecution of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab are one of the most egregious examples of the violation by the United States government of the human and civil rights of an individual and of a diplomat; additionally, the continued economic sanctions against the Venezuelan people are likewise heinous.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) and its women’s wing, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union, join the call for the immediate and unconditional release of Venezuelan Diplomat ALEX SAAB.

Alex Saab was appointed a diplomat by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and tasked with negotiating with the government of Iran for food, medications, oil, and other critical supplies. This was necessary because of U.S. economic sanctions against Venezuela that continue to cause extreme hardship to the Venezuelan people.

While on a refueling layover in the Republic of Cabo Verde, an independent African island nation off the coast of West Africa, Alex Saab was kidnapped and imprisoned by the Neo-colonial Cabo Verdean government of President Jorge Carlos Fonseca at the behest of the United States Government on June 12, 2020.

The capture of Alex Saab was made without any proper legal basis. The United States has no extradition treaty with the Republic of Cabo Verde. Moreover, while Cabo Verde authorities claimed that Saab was detained pursuant to a valid Interpol notice, a regional court in Nigeria found that the detention took place before the Interpol notice was issued, raising huge concerns about the legal validity of Saab’s detention and imprisonment.

Cabo Verde was well compensated for its actions against Diplomat Saab. The US bribed them with $1.5 million for COVID-19 relief, a new $400 million U.S. embassy building, and $100 million in fees to be paid directly to Cabo Verde government.

If the money was not enough incentive for Cabo Verde to comply with US demands, there is the matter of military threats. The New York Times reported that the US Navy Cruiser San Jacinto anchored off the coast of Cabo Verde “to make sure that Saab did not escape.”

The timing of Alex Saab’s rendition, one day before the national election in the Republic of Cabo Verde is highly suspicious., The United States illegally trafficked Alex Saab to prison in Miami, FL. Then-president Fonseca was expected to lose the election and the winner, Jose Marta Neves, was known to be fervently anti-colonialist. The US government knew that a win for the PAICV government would mean the release of Alex Saab.

The US charged Saab with eight counts, seven of which were dropped. The only current charge is a conspiracy to launder money charge. A court appearance was scheduled for December 12, 2022, to determine Ambassador Saab’s diplomatic status. During that hearing, the US admitted that Mr. Saab is a diplomat, but only an extraordinary diplomat, and thus has only temporary diplomacy. Then they contended that American treaties do not recognize temporary diplomats. The final judgment is scheduled for Monday, December 19th.

Obviously, in this whole tawdry episode of true American Justice Alex Saab is the victim of his own good deed. Diplomat Saab’s true crimes are getting food for the people of Venezuela, procuring clean water equipment, getting medicine, and procuring oil for the people of Venezuela who have been left starving and dying because of the genocidal effects of US Sanctions which have forced thousands of Venezuelans to flee their home and camp out at the US – Mexican border.

 The A-APRP (GC) and its women’s wing the A-AWRU (GC) stand with the progressive forces in the US and the World in calling for the unconditional and immediate release of  Diplomat Alex Saab. We also suggest that you acquire more information on this case by visiting the Free Alex Saab Movement website.


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Revolutionary Condolences: Ethel Minor

In Memoriam:

Ethel Minor, A quiet storm!

29 September 2022

Kwame Ture, Ethel Minor, & Kwame Nkrumah

Memorial Services

Visitation begins on Monday, October 3rd, 2022, at Cage Memorial Chapel located at 7651 South Jeffrey Boulevard at 11:30 AM.

Funeral Service will begin at 12:30 PM with burial afterwards at Lincoln Cemetery, 123rd and Kenzie Avenue, Blue Island, Illinois

Ethel Minor made her transition on September 21, 2022. The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) and Bob Brown, who worked with her, send condolences, and best wishes to Judy and Bob Starks, her sister and Brother-in-law, and to her biological and movement Family. An official Obituary, and information about her Funeral / Memorial Service will be provided soon. In the meantime, the A-APRP (GC) briefly and proudly introduces her to five generations of African and Other radicals and revolutionaries, especially women, and to future generations as yet unborn.

She was born in 1933, into a large and extremely accomplished Episcopalian Family in Chicago. She converted to Catholicism later in life and remained extremely religious. Lorne Cress Love, Francis Cress Welsing, and Barbara Cress Lawrence are three of her distinguished and accomplished cousins. Ethel studied  mass communications in Chicago and in Colombia, South America from 1960 to 1962. She became extremely proficient in the Spanish language and served for more than three decades as a journalist, editor and organizer, translator, and Spanish / English teacher.

While in Colombia, Ethel met a who’s who of Arabs, especially Palestinians and Syrians, who had moved there in the wake of the 1948 Israeli war against, and occupation of Palestine. The relationships she developed and her love for Africa, Palestine and the Middle East blossomed, and grew even stronger when she returned to the United States.

She worked with but did not join the Nation of Islam from 1962 to 1964. She served, among other capacities, as a Spanish language translator for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. She met and worked with a who’s who of the Nation’s members, including Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Akbar Muhammad, and Sister Christine Johnson, the then principal of the Nation of Islam’s school. Sister Christine knew and was close to Kwame Nkrumah from his student days in 1935 at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania to his transition in Bucharest, Rumania in 1972.

An accomplished journalist, editor, translator and organizer, Ethel met and worked with a who’s who in the African Media community in Chicago, including Lerone Bennett, Hoyt Fuller, David Lloren’s, and others at Ebony and Jet magazines, and the Negro Digest, later named Black World magazine. She also worked closely with E. Rodney Jones, Wesley South, Don Cornelius, and others at WVON, and with Bobby Sengstacke at the Defender newspaper.

Ethel moved to New York in 1964, and she served as one of Malcolm X’s secretaries and translators. She also served as the office manager of the Organization for Afro-American Unity, and as a liaison to the African, Spanish speaking and Arab / Palestinian communities in New York, and to the United Nations and the media. Malcolm X’s murder on February 19, 1965, had a profound impact on her and changed her life forever.

At 33 years of age, in 1966, shortly after the Black Power March in Mississippi, Ethel moved to Atlanta and joined the national staff of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. She became Kwame Ture’s secretary, editor of SNCC’s newsletter, and served as a staff member in its National Communications Department from 1966 to 1968. Among countless other assignments, she coordinated Kwame’s speaking engagements, worldwide, for almost a decade; and wrote or helped edit many of his speeches, correspondence, articles, and  books. She responded to and helped manage thousands of media requests and interviews. Ethel helped make history. She was a “quiet storm.”

She also played a critical role in determining who would speak at the events that Kwame could not fulfill, and in assisting SNCC staff, volunteers, friends, and allies in their media work across the United States, and the world. Ethel worked with and alongside, and helped mid-wife, nurture and develop countless organizers and organizations within the Black Power, Pan-African, socialist, anti-repression, peace, student, and women’s movements from 1967 to 1975 – 1976. The release of the list of organizers and organizations she helped, and the documentation of their and her contributions to and achievements in the Movement will shock the world, and change the historical narrative, forever.

Seventeen of these SNCC and BPM organizers, including Ethel, who worked with Kwame from 1966 to 1972, served as the initial members of the Central Committee of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party from 1972 through 1976. This list includes Cleve Sellers, Freddie Greene, and Willie Ricks in Atlanta, Greensboro, and DC; Jan Bailey, Koko Farrow-Barnes and Steve Farrow, Helen Leaks-Woodruff, and Paul and Evelyn Monroe in DC; Seku “Chico” and Renee Neblett in Boston; David Brothers, Bill Hall, Babu and Atim in New York and New Jersey; Lamin Jangha in Conakry; and Bob Brown in Chicago.

The A-APRP was called for in The Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare by Kwame Nkrumah in 1966-67; and he struggled to build it until his transition in 1972. It was publicly announced to almost 2,000 students, fifty years ago, at Howard University on September 17, 1972. Ethel and Jan, and the other members of the A-APRP’s DC cadre, organized announcement; and launched a worldwide recruitment drive.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) proudly proclaims that we inherit and continue the revolutionary theory and practice of Kwame Nkrumah, Ahmed Sekou Toure and Kwame Ture. Truth be told, and it will be told one day, Kwame Ture did not come into or leave this world and the movement alone, and he did not navigate its commanding heights or treacherous depths alone. From 1966 to 1975-76, Ethel Minor was “a quiet storm” beneath his wings; a “fire storm,” protecting, enabling, and empowering him; and we are only now beginning to learn about, and enjoy the fruits of the seeds that Ethel helped sow. Ethel traveled to Guinea several times, and met and worked with, Nkrumah and Toure, albeit briefly.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) does not mourn Ethel’s passing. Too much blood, sweat and tears have been shed, and will be shed; we will not cry. There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today, 90 per cent of whom live in Asia—including Palestine and the Middle East—and Africa, and their Diasporas. There are more than 235 million youth in India, 225 million in China, and 108 million in the Middle East today; 211 million in Nigeria, 35 million in Sudan, 26 million in Egypt, 19.6 million in Azania (South Africa), 11.5 million in Ghana and 00 million in Guinea (Conakry); 50 million in Brazil, 43 million in the United States, and 20 million in Colombia (South America), alone. More Ethel Minors, of all colors, are being born every day and coming of revolutionary political age, much, much more.

It will be a great day when we see the smiles on young girls faces, not just African girls who live and suffer, study and struggle in 125 countries, islands, territories and dependencies in Africa and the African Diaspora, when they discover Ethel Minor, and learn about her work, study and struggle, her contributions, and achievements. From that dialectical moment, that revolutionary moment, they will know what they can do, what they must do to help liberate and unify African and Oppressed Humanity.

Armies of African, Palestinian, Indigenous, Hispanic, and Latino, European, and Other young, revolutionary women must be inspired, enabled, and empowered to help archive, write, and film Ethel’s story. We are sure that young, revolutionary men will also help. We trust that Judy and Bob Starks, and Ethel’s friends and family worldwide  will make that happen, soon, very, very soon. In the meantime, as Nkrumahists-Toureists, we continue Ethel’s, Kwame’s, and our work, study, and struggle. We continue to fight for revolutionary Pan-Africanism and socialism, and to help build the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC).

Victory is inevitable, but not in our lifetime!

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Open Letter to Pope Francis & the Catholic Church #01

Pan-African Roots sends

Open Letter to Pope Francis I & the Catholic Church

Requesting confirmation that:

God Makes No Slave in the Womb!

His Holiness Pope Francis I

Head of the Catholic Church,

Prefect of the Dicastery of Evangelization, and

Grand Master of the Supreme Order of Christ

Vatican City State 00120

Your Holiness and Eminences:

Pan-African Roots, a 501-c3 tax exempt network based in the United States, sends You, and tens of thousands of other stakeholders in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, this email and two attached documents: (1) An Open Letter to Pope Francis and the Catholic Church Worldwide and (2) An Incomplete List of Papal Bulls and Related Treaties for and against Exploration and Discovery, Settlement and Colonization, Trafficking and Enslavement, and Forced Conversion.

Similar Open Letters and supportive documents will be sent, over the next few weeks, to other religious, spiritual and irreligious traditions, and to other stake holders throughout Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, especially to the Heads of States and Governments of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Baltic countries, France, Great Britain, and the United States, and to their former and current Empires. We do not claim to speak for or on behalf of African People; we speak truth to them, and to the powerless and the powerful of the world. We do not compete with those forces who justly make this claim. We are a part of the records and information disclosure movement. We do not seek to build another organization; we demand the fullest and strongest accountability from all of those who exist today and will come into existence.

We are a part of the records disclosure movement. This is not a request for another apology for the crimes committed against hundreds of millions of African People during the genocide committed against, the trafficking in (trading), and enslavement of them from 1307 to 1888, or the crime being committed against 1.5 billion African People today. This is also not another demand for reparations, contracts, or grants of any kind. We do not compete with those forces who make these demands.

We request:

(1)    Confirmation that God Makes No Slaves in the Womb!

(2)    Translation, digitization, and disclosure of the 2000-year-old slavery era, colonial era and neo-colonial era records of the Catholic Church, and related entities, worldwide.

(3)    Inclusion of African and Poor Youth in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the World in every phase and aspect of this historic archival and scholarly project.

(4)    That you and the Catholic Church worldwide help create a new generation of anti-slavery and anti-trafficker, digital ninjas, digital archivists and scholars, organizers, priests, and lay people.

(5)    That you, the Catholic Church, and those civil society and governmental forces with whom you work, give every young person in the world a library card that enables and empower to access this record breaking and life-changing digital database. Give them also scholarships and the required resources to excel. In short, we request that you galvanize and unleash the fullest extent and power of the Papal Magisterium to meet the above requests. We believe that God and World Humanity will be very pleased. Pan-African Roots thanks you and all who join you in this project in advance for whatever consideration you give to our request.


Bob Brown, Director

Pan-African Roots



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Revolutionary Condolences: Omama Amankwa Appiah

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

Condolences to the Family, Children, Confraternities in Assin Asamankese and Friends of

Omama Amankwa Appiah

September 27, 2022

In Remembrance of Omama Amankwa Appiah

(November 14, 1957 – September 20, 2022)

Being an Nkrumahist/Nkrumahist-Toureist is to acquire the feat of understanding the importunacy of discipline. One of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah’s rule of discipline is to “Always be the servant of the people.” This is one legacy and example that we can take from the life lesson of our Brother Omama Amankwa Appiah. Joining the Pan-African Movement in the late 70s, actively participating in the struggle against Decolonization in Ghana under the banner of the organization, Preparation Against Doomsday (PADD), becoming the Chairman in the late 90s of the Osagyefo Youth Movement (OYM) and later being appointed as the Chairman of the Organizational Committee of the Central Committee of the (CPP) in 2008; he gives us an example and reminds us of the honor of being a Servant of the People by approximately displaying 50 years or more serving the people.

It is here, that the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)/A-APRP (GC) and its women wing the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC)/A-AWRU (GC) pay our respect and gratitude to our Brother Omama Amankwa Appiah reminding us all, particularly our youth/students of today of being a servant of the people is one of the highest role models that, one should strive to become/ be. We give praise to our Freedom Fighter, Nkrumahist and Pan-Africanist Organizer, Brother Omama Amankwa Appiah.

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC)

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Revolutionary Condolences: Ava Muhammad

Revolutionary Condolences to the Nation of Islam

Upon the Transition of Sister Student Minister Ava Muhammad

September 1, 2022

The All-African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (GC) and its women’s union, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC) extends our heartfelt revolutionary condolences to the Nation of Islam upon the transition of Sister Student Minister Ava Muhammad. We understood her to be a stalwart fellow soldier, a warrior in our struggle for justice and peace throughout the world. While we will miss her contributions and work as a fierce advocate for the “least of us” it will continue to help to sustain all who knew and loved her, for many years to come. We in the A-APRP (GC) and the A-AWRU (GC) stand with you in your hour of sorrow and grief, but also celebrate her contributions to the struggles of the masses of African people and of all oppressed humanity. 

Looking Forward,

There Is Victory for Us,

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC),

All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC)

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The People’s electoral victory in Colombia is another example of African, Indigenous, including mestizo, women and youth, workers, farmers and peasants, political prisoners, and former guerillas; anti-repression, anti-oppression and anti-exploitation tides that are, through struggle, sweeping every corner of the world.

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