When fully developed, the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party(GC) will be a revolutionary, all-African, socialist, mass political party that is guided by its Nkrumahist-Toureist ideology that will struggle to achieve its Pan-African Objective, and functions under the principles of democratic centralism. The Party will be built at the following levels:

  • Chapters, at the level of zones (countries, islands, dependencies and territories).
  • Branches, at the level of metropolitan cities and the adjacent areas.
  • Work-Study Circles—Pre-Cadre and Cadre, and Support Groups.

This party building approach, our primary approach, includes mass political education, recruitment, orientation, and cadre and chapter development in selected zones (countries, islands, dependencies and territories) in Africa and the African Diaspora that do not currently have a progressive or revolutionary, vanguard or mass, political movement, organization or party with whom the A-APRP (GC)  is or seeks to be aligned.

Osagefyo Kwame Nkrumah approved of this approach, implicitly at least, when he gave Kwame Ture permission/mission in August 1967, “to begin organizing the basis for the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party among African People in the Diaspora.” [Kwame Ture and Michael Thelwell. Ready for Revolution. Page 623). That is what Kwame Ture did for the last thirty-one years of his life (1967 to 1998); and that is what the A-APRP(GC) continues to do, organize recruit and develop Cadre, Pre-Cadre and Supporters, and build Branches and Chapters from the bottom-up—member by member, circle by circle, branch by branch, chapter by chapter, and zone by zone.

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