Mass Organizations

There shall be no separate status of or discrimination against women, youth and student, elders, other-abled, workers, farmers (peasants), unemployed, professionals, cultural and spiritual workers, prisoners (political, of conscience, of war and socio-economic) and other sectors of society.
When fully developed, the organizational system of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party(GC)) will include a network of mass, primary party organizations representing these and other social sectors at all levels of the Party development.

Individual Members of the A-APRP(GC) shall be organized into their appropriate mass, primary Party organization(s). Individual Members may join the Party through their membership in these organizations. The leadership of local and All-African Party organizations shall be elected by a general membership meeting. These mass, primary party organizations are an integral part of and under the leadership of Party Bodies at their various levels. Their main tasks include:

  • To recruit, educate and organize Members, and their study of Nkrumahism-Toureism, the Party’s ideology; Pan-Africanism, its objective.
  • To enable and empower Members to disseminate and implement the Party’s and the mass organization’s line, principals and policies, and the decisions of their leading bodies at all levels.
  • To maintain close ties with the masses; politically educate, organize and mobilize them for revolutionary positive action; and seek their opinions, suggestions and criticism regarding Party Members, study and work.

When fully developed, the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party(GC) will include the following and other mass, primary organizations:

  • Women
  • Youth and Student
  • Elders
  • Differently-abled
  • Workers
  • Farmers (Peasants)
  • Unemployed
  • Professionals
  • Cultural Workers
  • Spiritual Workers
  • Prisoners (political, of conscience, of war and socio-economic, etc)

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