Notes from the Barricades!

An Open Letter to the Chicago Sun Times Editorial Board

24 September 2020

Bob Brown

Director, Pan-African Roots

Organizer, All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) – (202) 239-2676

A Worldwide Call to Commemorate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on 12 October 2020!

Pan-African Roots recently “discovered” an editorial that was published by the Chicago Sun Times (CST) on 19 June 2020 titled the “The Chicago Park District should lead our city in a little straight talk about Columbus.” It concluded with two questions and a statement:

“What is Chicago to do about those two statues of Columbus? And how do we do it in a spirit of healing and unity? The Chicago Park District has a job to do.”

The CST Editorial Board instructed its readers to “send letters to” This Open Letter is our response. We will distribute and publish it worldwide.

The “hard and honest truth” will be told. If Europe had not invaded the Western Hemisphere, stole Indigenous land, enslaved, and committed genocide against them, 25 million+ Africans would not have been murdered in Africa and trafficked and enslaved in this Hemisphere; it would not be an African Diaspora; and we would not be having this conversation today. There is a direct link between the Columbian, Confederate, Apartheid, and similar statutes.

On 24 and 31 July 2020, Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot ordered the removal of the Columbus Statutes located in Arrigo Park, Grant Park, and at the Drake Fountain. “This temporary relocation,” according to the Mayor, “is part of an effort to prevent individuals from pulling down statues in an extremely dangerous manner, which has created unsafe situations for protestors and police, as well as residents of the surrounding community.” Her job is not finished. Our job is not finished as well.

Your 19 June 2020 editorial linked us to an article published on 18 June 2020 titled “Don’t tear down Columbus statues; use them to confront history and trigger ‘reckoning,’ Lightfoot says.” According to Mrs. Fran Spielman, Mayor Lightfoot also said:

“Let’s have honest, hard conversations about the real truths of our history. But let’s do it in a way that provides people with an opportunity to speak their truth, to recognize the hurt and the pain that so many have suffered for way too long. That’s what this moment demands. Let’s create dialogue. Let’s start healing and unifying. That’s what we need to do. Particularly when we don’t see that happening by the leader in the White House.”

We call for another wave of protests worldwide, to remove all Columbus, Confederate, Apartheid, and similar statues by Indigenous Peoples’ Day by 12 October 2020. It is not enough however, to remove statues and change names. We agree with Mayor Lightfoot’s call to “confront history.” It must be reframed and rewritten as well. We speak truth to the powerless and the powerful. Perhaps the Mayor’s Office and the Chicago Sun Times will convene this conversation, which she calls for.

As we all know, Columbus did not commit these crimes against humanity alone. He did not invade the United States or Chicago. We know who did; and we know their predecessors and successors in interest. Memorials and monuments to all these criminals must and will be taken down. Rev. John G. Fee, the founder of Berea College in Kentucky is correct, “God makes no slaves in the womb!” No one should be enabled and empowered to commit Crimes against Indigenous, African, and Other Humanity with eternal impunity.

Perhaps this “hard and honest conversation” can be convened before 12 October 2020?  We call upon progressive forces to organize independent, self-reliant manifestations in every corner of the world on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, 12 October 2020.

We continue to demand the disclosure of slavery and colonial era records in every corner of the world. We continue to make our modest contribution to the struggle to change the historical narrative and public discourse, and related curriculum and textbooks. Victory is inevitable!

This is not a demand for reparations in any form; and we do not compete with those forces who make this demand!


A-A.P.R.P.’s Position and Strategy Towards The Reparations and Repatriation Movements

Written by Kwame Ture

Approved by the Central Committee of the A-APRP

1 November 1994

Reaffirmed and Released by the A-APRP (GC)

21 September 2020

Since the inception of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-A.P.R.P.), Pan-Africanism has spread throughout the Pan-African World to the point where even reactionaries must involve themselves in some aspect of Pan-African work. Thus, the internal dynamism of our entire struggle will soon be limited to the domain of Pan-Africanism between the People’s class and the anti-People’s class, between revolution and reform. This last aspect between revolution and reform must be properly understood. We are stating that reform in Pan-Africanism is now a brake on Pan-Africanism. We are stating this only for Pan-Africanism, which since the 5th Pan-African Congress (PAC) in Manchester, England, [15-21 October 1945], contested the dominant position of reform and proposed in action to reduce it to negligible quantity.

In recent times reform Pan-Africanist organizations have come into existence. The African American Summit is a clear example. Strategically we cannot attack them all to the same degree, but we must have clear strategy and reduce them to negligible quantity.

The OAU, a reformist Pan-African organization, created some years ago, [28 June 1992], the Group of Eminent Persons on Reparations. It called on Africans in Africa and the Diaspora to set up national committees for reparations. The cry of reparation is not a new one. Many so called revolutionary African organizations have been doing much propaganda and organizational work around the issue. Unlike the African American Summit, the reparation movement seeks to intoxicate the masses.

Life cannot be purchased, is central to an African tradition. Life was usually exchanged for life. If someone was killed, a kinsperson from the accused was sent to replace. Reparations are legal. It did not arise from African culture. Germany admitted its guilt in the Portuguese aggression against Guinea on November 22, 1970. Germany posed the solution of reparations; the Democratic Party of Guinea (PDG) informed them that it was out of African culture. Germany decided to build some projects on their own in Guinea, like a film studio, etc.

A-A.P.R.P. has close relations with the Rastafarian movement. In the early 70’s all the Rastafarian movements invited A-A.P.R.P. to Jamaica to spend time with them in serious discussion, serious reasoning. Lamin Jangha and Kwame Ture represented the Party. One of the areas of reasoning was the difference between reparations and repatriation. The Rastafarian movement and the A-A.P.R.P. find harmony in the primacy of Africa, thus within Nkrumahism-Toureism repatriation finds ideological harmony.

Most preaching reparations are running from Repatriation!

This question of reparations in no way advances our disorganized masses. Reparations, if only to benefit the masses, can be handled only by an organized community. To call for reparations in the face of a disorganized community, whose anti-People’s class is the most corrupt in the world, is calling only for more divisions.

Reparations in no way confront imperialism! And even after receiving reparations, the exploitative system remains intact. Maybe the reparation movement can become eternal!

At the 7th Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) in Kampala, Uganda, [April 1994], many tried to make the call for reparations dominant. Here they want to push back Pan-Africanism. Since the 5th PAC, we have stopped appeals to our oppressors and called for the organization of the masses as the only solution.

The A-A.P.R.P. is concerned with political conquest, at this time. There is no way reparations can help a weak and divided People achieve political power. Political and economic power can be achieved by an oppressed People only through STRUGGLE!

At this point, A-A.P.R.P. strategy is not to attack the reparation movement publicly. We will not participate in any of its programs, even when the masses are fully intoxicated. Our public response shall be that we are organizing our people and there are many forces working on reparations.

A-A.P.R.P. will begin now to attack reform ONLY within Pan-Africanism. A-A.P.R.P. will not attack at this time any other reformer or other reform program; but we must now begin to attack reform within Pan-Africanism without pity and without mercy.

Ready for the Revolution!


PRPAG Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

English Translation

Parti de la Révolution Populaire Africaine de Guinée (PRPAG)



Our most emotional condolences to the family of the deceased. These same condolences also go to the community of our American African brothers and singularly to our comrades in the American section of the PRPAG: the AAPRP (All African People’s Revolutionary Party – GC)

However, to date, our pain has become less heavy to us by the fact that the United States of America itself and around the world of the deep and powerful anti-racial movement that we believe announces the great global revolution that will consecrate unity , the solidarity of men beyond the color of their skin. Here we pay a vibrant tribute to all the men who fought for this reconciliation of humanity. In this regard we will name names like MALCOM X, MARTIN LUTHER KING, Kwame Touré, MOHAMED ALY…

But we believe that this global anti-racial movement gives some discomfort to all worthy Africans. Indeed, while logically the continent had to be at the forefront of this movement, his attitude seems rather shy, especially at the level of his senior executives. Congratulations to the minority of these senior executives who had the courage to deliver the speech the situation requires.

We justify the softness of the continental reaction by the cultural alienation that slavery, colonialists and neocolonialists have grown, and continue to cultivate in us. The bottom of this cultural alienation is the degrading and perilous complex of inferiority. It is this complex that emptied us of confidence in ourselves to, therefore connect our destiny to our exploiters. It’s the same complex that makes us portray as dictators, crazy people, illuminated our brothers who assume themselves by fighting even at the price of their lives the regimes that despise us and that swallow us to the rank of beast of sum. Honour and glory to PATRICE LUMBA, MUAMAR KADHAFI, KWAME N ‘ KRUMA, GAMAL ABDEL NASER, AHMED SEKOU Touré, BEN BELA, Julius Nyéré, Modibo keita, ROBERT MUGABé, THOMAS SANKARA, to name but these among so many other greats iconic figures of the dignity of honour and greatness of Africa.

In our opinion, the politicians of today and, in particular, the current African youth must impose as a mission in history the continuation of the revolutionary work of these great Africans by making panafricanism a real weapon of development and union Africans around the world. Here we think singularly of our brothers from the Caribbean and the Americas. In this sense, didn’t MALCOM X tell the truth when, at the top of the 1964 OAU held in CAIRO, he claimed that their problems in the United States of America are the same as those of their brother in Africa and vice versa. Let’s assume, take care of ourselves, in a word, let’s be responsible for our own lives. It commends us, for example, to give the great concepts the content of our own realities. If Democracy in Africa was not a Democracy copied or imposed by the former colonizer, it is sure that it would not have led to the violence of destruction of property and the killing it always produces. It is, only to this price that we will respect all peoples.
We cannot conclude this statement without testifying, our feelings of deep satisfaction, support and encouragement to all white men who free themselves from all disabilities, religious, moral and social prejudice to see man only at through his nature or his essence of man.

Ready for the revolution
Conakry JUNE 04th

French Translation

NOS condoléances les plus émues à la famille du défunt. Ces mêmes condoléances vont aussi a toutes la communauté de nos frères Africains Américains et singulièrement à nos camarades de la section américaine du PRPAG : l’AAPRP (All African People’s Revolutionnary Party)
Cependant, à ce jour, notre peine nous est devenue moins lourde par le fait du déclanchement aux Etats Unis d’Amérique même et dans le monde entier du profond et puissant mouvement anti racial qui, selon nous , annonce la grande Révolution planétaire qui consacrera l’unité, la solidarité des hommes au-delà de la couleur de leur peau. Ici nous rendons un vibrant hommage à tous les hommes qui se sont battus pour cette réconciliation de l’humanité. À ce propos nous citerons des noms comme MALCOM X, MARTIN LUTHER KING, KWamé Touré, MOHAMED ALY…
Mais nous pensons que ce mouvement mondial anti racial donne quelque malaise à tous les Africains dignes. En effet, alors que logiquement le continent devait être à l’avant-garde dudit mouvement, son attitude semble plutôt timide, surtout au niveau de ses hauts cadres. Nos vives félicitations à la minorité d’entre ces hauts cadres qui a eu le courage de tenir le discours que la situation impose.
Nous justifions la mollesse de la réaction continentale par l’aliénation culturelle que les esclavagistes, les colonialistes et les néocolonialistes ont cultivée, et continuent de cultiver en nous. Le fond de cette aliénation culturelle est le dégradant et périlleux complexe de l’infériorité. C’est bien ce complexe qui nous a vidé de toute confiance en nous-mêmes pour, du coup rattacher notre destin à nos exploiteurs. C’Est bien ce même complexe qui nous fait dépeindre comme des dictateurs, des fous, des illuminés nos frères qui s’assument en combattant même au prix de leur vie les régimes qui nous méprisent et qui nous ravalent au rang de bête de somme. Honneur et gloire à PATRICE LUMUMBA ,MOUAMAR KADHAFI ,KWAME N’KRUMA,GAMAL ABDEL NASER ,AHMED SEKOU Touré ,BEN BELA, Julius Nyéréré,Modibo keita,ROBERT MUGABé,THOMAS SANKARA,pour ne citer que ceux-ci parmi tant d’autres grandes figures emblématiques de la dignité de l’honneur et de la grandeur de l’Afrique
Selon nous, les hommes politiques d’aujourd’hui et, en particulier, la jeunesse africaine actuelle doivent s’imposer comme mission de l’histoire la continuation de l’œuvre révolutionnaire de ces grands Africains en faisant du panafricanisme une véritable arme de l’épanouissement et de l’union des Africains de par le monde entier. Nous pensons ici singulièrement à nos frères des Caraïbes et des Amériques .Dans ce sens, MALCOM X ne disait-il pas la vérité quand, au sommet de l’OUA de 1964 tenu au CAIRE, il affirmait que leurs problèmes aux Etats Unis d’Amérique sont les mêmes que ceux de leur frère en Afrique et vice versa. Assumons_ nous, prenons nous en charge, en un mot, soyons responsables de notre propre vie. Cela nous commende, par exemple, de donner aux grands concepts le contenu de nos propres réalités. Si la Démocratie en Afrique n’était pas une Démocratie copiée ou imposée par l’ancien colonisateur, il est sûr qu’elle n’aurait pas entrainé au moment des votes la violence des destructions de biens et des tueries qu’elle produit toujours C’est, seulement à ce prix que nous nous ferons respecter de tous les peuples
Nous ne pouvons conclure la présente déclaration sans témoigner, nos sentiments de profonde satisfaction, de soutien et d’encouragement à tous les hommes blancs qui s’affranchissent de tous les handicaps, de tous les préjugés religieux, moraux et sociaux pour ne voir l’homme qu’à travers sa nature ou son essence d’homme.
Prêt pour la révolution
Conakry le 04 JUIN