African Liberation Day & Palestine Day – 2019

Generations of Resistance and Revolts, Rebellions and Revolutions as

Illuminated in Cuba, Haiti, Libya, Palestine and Venezuela

Smash the Repression-Industrial Complex Worldwide!

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) (A-APRP) (GC) is organizing African Liberation Day (ALD)-2019 to reaffirm our undying love, pay homage and tribute to and applaud generations of African people. We acknowledge and honor, our peasants, nomads, workers, students, other intellectuals, youth and women from ancient times to the present who resisted, revolted, rebelled and organized Revolution. Those who fight to rid ourselves of all forms of oppression and exploitation in Africa and every corner of the world.

The A-APRP (GC) also commemorates Palestine Day by reaffirming our principled and unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people’s just and inspirational revolutionary struggle against zionism and its illegal and immoral crime against humanity, the settler-colonial/apartheid state of Israel. The liberation of Palestine will mark a breakthrough in the annals of Arab, African and world history. It will help establish a foundation for Pan-Arab, Pan-African and International solidarity and peace.

Ho Chi Minh, affectionately known as “Uncle Ho” and Malcolm X’s contributions to the Pan-African and International struggles against national oppression, economic exploitation, cultural annihilation and the oppression of women and for socialism are etched in the annals of African and world history and we highlight and pay tribute to them on their birthdays.

The A-APRP (GC) knows that it is of critical importance that we correctly affirm that the history of African people, those in Africa and those abroad is the history of the Masses of our People. “Class struggle … is a cardinal principle, of which the forms of materialization depend on the phases of People’s historic development.”[i] It is the struggle of our People and their creation of culture, specifically African culture that guides our way and shapes our methods for solving the problems of everyday life. Sekou Toure was clear that “Revolution is an act of culture.” It is this history expressed through our cultural greatness that Kwame Nkrumah recognized. He identified our collective political and cultural expression as the African Personality.

Our anti-People, Africans who are the agents of capitalism, imperialism, zionism, national oppression , neo-colonialism and the oppression of women along with their allies want us only to recognize, admire and promote our great “leaders”, whether man or woman. Our African anti-People and their allies want us to look down on and despise our, so-called “uneducated and uncouth” People, particularly our politically ignorant and disorganized youth. This is because our African anti-People and their allies know that if we don’t love our People; if we don’t recognize our People as the source of everything we have ever achieved and need socially, politically, economically, spiritually and culturally, we will never experience genuine liberty. Anti-People Africans are clear that the Masses make history, but have contempt for them. The anti-People are crystal clear that, “The Revolution embodies the People, their present interests and their future happiness.”[ii] Our People’s interest is diametrically opposed to that of our anti-People. Freedom for all Africans no matter where in the world we live is grounded in the revolutionary struggle to bring into fruition Pan-Africanism — the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism and with it the destruction of capitalism, imperialism, neo-colonialism and zionism.

It is the People and only the People who are the artisans of history. It is the People who organized and sustained massive resistance, revolts, and rebellions with their highest expression in organized Revolution, throughout history. All economic, political, social and cultural accomplishments are a direct product of our People’s struggles at all levels. No individual man or woman wields the power that comes with the politically educated and organized Masses. It is the Masses who are the motive force for all Positive Action. At the same time, we would never deny the critical role that key individuals play in history so we love, pay homage, tribute and applaud them as well.

The A-APRP (GC) correctly says, standing on shoulders of truth that we do not quiver in declaring that without mass resistance, mass revolts, mass rebellions and without organized Revolution African people would have never tasted nectar sweetened by liberty, dignity, women’s emancipation and scientific socialism. Our revolutionary struggle continues as we remain under the heel of the immoral and murderous system of capitalism, imperialism, neo-colonialism and zionism. It was in Africa on our battlefields that encompassed our secondary and high school youth, universities and colleges, villages and cities, on our deserts among our nomads and in our rain-forests that the Masses of our People lost our liberty and dignity. Now it is on our current battlefields, in Africa and the African Diaspora, in our secondary and high schools, among our university and college students, in our streets, ghettos, favelas, barrios, villages, and in our deserts among our nomads and in our rain-forests that our liberty and dignity has and continues to be reclaimed. Our struggle continues.

Pan-Africanism, One Unified Socialist Africa, will be the direct product of ongoing mass resistance and revolts; rebellions and organized Revolution. The history of our People, of our revolutionary ancestors, is clear that there is no other way. This is seen through the revolutionary history and traditions made by our revolutionary ancestors, and is understood everywhere in the world today. In the struggle for liberty and socialism the masses of our People are the ultimate determiner of victory or defeat and history records that our People have never missed a call to battle and have yet to lose the war against imperialism. African and the world’s Peoples are at war with the International and Pan-African forces of economic exploitation, national oppression and political repression.

The masses of African people and other nationalities representing every corner of the globe are in a life and death revolutionary struggle against the settler-colonial capitalist United States, Israel, Australia, Canada and others, Europe and neo-colonial Asia. Our revolutionary war is most importantly directed at imperialism’s puppets, our anti-People, inside and outside of Africa, who do their bidding in every corner of the world. Victory will never be fully achieved without revolutionary mass political education and our organized efforts to destroy the capitalist/imperialist system and its Industrial-Repression Complex used to maintain its power to exploit us and our Peoples’ labor, intellect and natural resources. Kwame Ture used to correctly say, ‘and without pity and without mercy’.

Therefore scientific socialism, a pillar of the African Revolution, requires revolutionary consciousness, commitment, passion and the development of a revolutionary African Personality, among the African masses, in order to achieve Pan-Africanism.  Sekou Toure makes it plain, “Without revolutionary consciousness there can be no Revolution. All those who have had to conduct revolutions have been able to attest this fact. But where does this revolutionary consciousness come from if it is neither fundamental to man, nor does it develop spontaneously? History teaches that it is created and developed through ideological education and revolutionary practice. We can equally affirm that without ideological training and without revolutionary action, there can be no revolutionary consciousness.”[iii] That is why the Masses must be politically educated and organized. An African proverb humbly teaches, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The African Revolution is eternal!

African Liberation Day and Palestine Day 2019 illuminates some of the mass battles and mass struggles of African people, those in Africa and those abroad. The A-APRP (GC) also highlights the battles and wars of the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of the Western Hemisphere and their allies, particularly in Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela and the mass revolutionary heroic struggle of the Palestinian people, in Palestine and abroad, against settler-occupation in their homeland, Palestine. In addition, we also highlight the historic struggle of the masses of Libya a historic struggle that is part and parcel of the revolutionary Pan-African fight for One Unified Socialist Africa.

Imperialism, neo-colonialism and zionism continue to resort to military, surrogate-military, para-military and mercenary/contractor violence to maintain their system of exploitation and oppression. The Masses of the world are responding and utilizing every means including, demonstrations and protests, the courts, the media, electoral politics, revolts and rebellions and armed warfare to defend and advance the revolutionary struggle for genuine liberty, unity and socialism.

What is fundamental in qualifying the revolutionary warfare of the Masses is the understanding that this revolutionary struggle is for Human Dignity. Human Dignity is a human need for which we all must fight; it is not a gift that can be given. Scientific socialism, the society that nurtures Human Dignity must and will be built by the Masses.

With this African Liberation Day and Palestine Day, the A-APRP (GC) honors this history of resistance and revolts, rebellions and organized Revolution; we love this struggle, and we applaud our People and all struggling Peoples and Nations for their passion in our International and Pan-African revolutionary fight against capitalism, imperialism, neo-colonialism, zionism and the agents of the Industrial Repression-Complex. It’s our accumulating victories that is changing the course of African and World history.

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