Revolutionary Condolences: Ava Muhammad

Revolutionary Condolences to the Nation of Islam

Upon the Transition of Sister Student Minister Ava Muhammad

September 1, 2022

The All-African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party (GC) and its women’s union, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC) extends our heartfelt revolutionary condolences to the Nation of Islam upon the transition of Sister Student Minister Ava Muhammad. We understood her to be a stalwart fellow soldier, a warrior in our struggle for justice and peace throughout the world. While we will miss her contributions and work as a fierce advocate for the “least of us” it will continue to help to sustain all who knew and loved her, for many years to come. We in the A-APRP (GC) and the A-AWRU (GC) stand with you in your hour of sorrow and grief, but also celebrate her contributions to the struggles of the masses of African people and of all oppressed humanity. 

Looking Forward,

There Is Victory for Us,

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC),

All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC)

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