Victory to Russia, and the Russian and Ukrainian Peoples!

Another Note From The Barricades!

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By Bob Brown

26 February 2022

An Open Letter to the People of Africa, the African Diaspora, and the World!


See Russian military attack on Ukraine: How we got there!

[Note: “Moscow says the current situation is the result of years of failed talks to end the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine after the 2014 coup in Kiev.” By Russia Today!]

There are moments in history, that are fatal if let slip by; this is one such moment for Pan-African Roots and Bob Brown! There are moments when silence becomes betrayal of the principles in which we believe; when we must choose sides. UKRAINE is one such moment for Bob Brown! I know the price I will have to pay for this decision and am prepared to pay it.

I do not pretend to speak for anyone and am prepared to stand alone! I know the price so many have paid and continue to pay for daring to speak truth to the powerless and the powerful!

  • In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, SCLC and the pacifist and nonviolent wings of the Movement demanded “Peace in Vietnam!”
  • Several leftist forces demanded “Bring the Boys Home!”
  • Muhamad Ali and the Nation of Islam said it simpler and more eloquent “I ain’t got no war with Vietnam!” and “The Vietnamese never called me a nigger!”
  • Osagefyo Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown for daring to go to China and Vietnam in search for peace, and ultimately, for the victory of Oppressed Humanity.
  • The “radical and revolutionary wing” of SNCC and SDS, shouted “Hell No We Ain’t Going!” “Smash the Draft!” and “Victory to the Viet Cong!

I did not go to Vietnam, the draft was smashed, and the Vietnamese won. I know the price they paid for this victory. I know the price that Russia paid during World War I and World II. The United States and Western Imperialism has been at war with Russia since the Russian Revolution of 1917. The U.S. and its agents and co-conspirators are waging war and COINELPRO and cointelpro-like operations in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World. Enough is enough!
My slogan is consistent and simple:


I know that I am correct, principally! Perhaps you know it as well. I respect the right of other forces, on the left, to have their perspective, and to pursue their strategy and tactics; even if they disagree with and disrespect me! “God blesses the child who has her/his own.” Success to the current wave of study, work and action in the eternal quest for peace and justice.

I do not respect the policies or practices of the U.S. government, or any of its agents and co-conspirators, regardless of the color, gender, language or spirituality. I’ve heard their bullshit before. I do not agree with or respect the Clintons, Obama, Biden or Harris; Bush or Trump, and I ask the question we asked of LBJ in 1968, how many have you killed, and how many are you killing today. They were not principled or right in 1968; they are not principled or right in 2022; and they will never be principled or right! The anti-People forces, are on the offensive in every corner of the world.

·        Enable and empower the People to go to Zoom and the barricades, in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, any way and every way you can!

·        Give peace, non-violence and diplomacy a chance!

·        Give defensive war, people’s war, and just war, a chance as well.

·        Victory to Oppressed Humanity, “by any and all means” necessary, available and principled.

For your Information, one of our videos, Another Note from the Barricades, was just uploaded to the internet. Check it out, when you have the time! A-APRP (GC)

Stay Safe and Strong!
Bob Brown
(202) 239-2676

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