Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 12, 2020

Dear Sisters & Brothers,

October 12 is celebrated in Washington, DC and many other cities, states / provinces, and countries around the World as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. In the past, many of us have observed October 12 with protests against honoring Christopher Columbus who initiated the genocide of the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere and People of African Descent in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora.

In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day and to celebrate the unbreakable bonds of friendship and solidarity between Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere, Palestinian People, African People (including all People of African Descent), and Oppressed Peoples world-wide, the Piscataway Indian Nation and Tayac Territory, the American Indian Movement (Mid-Atlantic Region), the American Indian Support Committee, the National Council of Arab Americans, the Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Committee of the National Capital Area, the All African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC), and Pan African Roots invite the entire community to join us in an Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration on Monday, October 12, 2020 from 12 (Noon) to 3 pm at the lower end of Malcom X Park (also known as Meridian Hill Park).

Parking for the event can be found along 15th St, 16th St, and Florida Ave, NW. Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic we are asking all participants to practice 6’ self-distancing, to wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.

The Celebration will feature solidarity messages from elected officials, church groups, labor unions, community, national and international organizations, cultural presentations by Native American, other Oppressed Peoples, and others in solidarity. Program will be announced

The Arts Development Center will provide sound, staging and live streaming. The DC Humanities Truck will provide access to its web-based exhibit projects and digital repository.

We need your endorsement and support! To add your organization’s endorsement or to volunteer, please contact John Steinbach at, or Bob Brown at

Please help circulate this outreach letter widely. See you at Malcolm X Park or on the Internet.

Yours in Struggle,

Chief Billy Tayac, Piscataway Indian Nation and Tayac Territory

Pete Landeros, American Indian Movement (Mid-Atlantic Region)

Penny Williams, American Indian Support Group

Jafar Jafari, National Council of Arab Americans

John Steinbach, Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Committee of the National Capital Area

Kamau Benjamin, All African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

Bob Brown, Pan African Roots

Initial List of Endorsers

(In the process of development)

David GrassoDC City Council
Isobel Sorenson
Lee RobinsonAfrica on the Move Radio / African Awareness Association (Richmond, VA)
Imhotep AshantiAfrican Black Star (Kingston, Jamaica)
Tom Blanton Afro-American Civil War Museum (Washington, DC) (for identification purposes)
Mtu MweusiAll-African People's Revolutionary Party (GC)
Chuck KaufmanAlliance for Global Justice (Tuscon, AZ)
Tony GonzalesAmerican Indian Movement (West) (San Francisco, CA)
Michael NephewAmerican Indian Society
Haitham SulimanArab Baath Party
Mba Mbulu
Aset Books University (NC)
Max ObuszewskiBaltimore Nonviolence Center
Ajamu BarakaBlack Alliance for Peace
Black Lives Matter of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
Felipe Noguera
Caribbean Pan African Network
Lou WolfCovertAction Magazine
Dr. Boykins Saunders -  (Richmond, VA)
Janine BellElegba Folklore Society (Richmond, VA)
Gar SmithEnvironmentalists Against War
Ezili DantoFree Haiti Movement
Maurice Carney Friends of the Congo
Paul PumphreyFriends of the Congo
Angaza LaughinghouseFruit of Labor
Gray Panthers of Metro Washington, DC
Grupo Waypa
Gail WalkerIFCO / Pastors for Peace
Pam AfricaInternational Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Akbar MuhammadInternational Representative of Nation of Islam / Minister Louis Farrakhan
Peter Urban
International Republican Socialist Network (IRSN)
Daniel OsunaInternational Secretary Emeritus of the LaRaza Unida Party
Keith BennettKim II Sung Kim Song II Foundation (London)
Malaya Movement (Baltimore, MD)
Sukant ChandanMalcolm X Movement (London)
Doc PowellMalcom X Drummers & Dancers
Obi EgbunaMass Emphasis Children's History & Theater Company / Mass Emphasis
Sis. Empress Phile ChionesuMillion Women March / Universal Movement (Philadelphia, PA)
Celine NayahMUBWERT COOP (Cameroon)
Melvin W. Smith
MWS Journal (MA)
Camile LandryNappy Roots Bookstore (Oklahoma City, OK)
Banbose ShangoNappy Roots Bookstore (Oklahoma City, OK)
Jafar JafariNational Council of Arab Americans
Dr. Richard BensenNOMMO Scholars Collective (Atlanta, GA)
Omma Appiah AmankwaaOsagefyo Youth Movement (Ghana)
Babatune AkinwolePan-African Coalition (Cincinnati, OH)
Netfa FreemanPan-African Community Association
Akua Holt
Pan-African Journal/ KPFT Pacifica Radio ( Huston, TX)
Neil Holmes
Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (Richmond, VA)
Zethu MdudoPan-Africanist Congress of Azania (Azania/South Africa)
Ismael CondeParti de la Revolution Populaire Africain de Guinee
Peaceful Sunrise Buddhist Group (Hagerstown, MD)
Luci MurphyPeople's Music Network (Washington, DC)
Sharon BlackPeoples Power Assembly (Baltimore, MD)
Shawn Marta HarrahPima Indian Youth
Positive Action & Creativity Brigade & Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Assoc.
Jonathan HuttoPrince Georges County Peoples Coalition (Prince Georges County, MD)
Fred Hampton Jr.Prisoners of Conscience Committee / Black Panther Cubs
Maurice RobinsonSLANG (Richmond, VA)
Spiral Grove Interpath Community of Nature
Andre PowellStruggle La Lucha / Socialist Unity Party (Baltimore, MD)
Cheryl LabashStruggle La Lucha / Socialist Unity Party (Baltimore, MD)
Dr. Dennis RogersStudent Leadership Development LLC (Dover, DE)
Atty. William JacksonThe Law Office of William Dave Jackson
Akwete  Tyehimba
The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party
Dr. Maulana KarengaThe Us Organization & National Association of Kawaida Organizations
Sheila HansenUnited Tribes of the Shenandoah
JoJo ShifleteteUnited Tribes of the Shenandoah
Uptown Boyz
Gerald PerreiraVictory of the People Guyana
Phil WilaytoVirginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
Pastor R. M. HunterWesley Memorial United Methodist Church (Richmond, VA)
Simin RoyanianWomen for Peace and Justice in Iran
David SwansonWorld Beyond War (Washington, DC)

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