The War against Kwame Ture

By Bob Brown and Christian P. Davenport


[Note: This quote is excerpted from the COINTELPRO Black Nationalist memo by J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, August 25, 1967. Kwame Ture, Jamil al-Amin and the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee were listed as the primary targets of this operation. Our book documents cointelpro-like operations worldwide, from 1933 to 2013.]


Our Book

The historiography of Kwame Ture; of his generation, political time and cultural space; of his contributions and achievements; of the student, human and civil rights, nationalist, Black Power and Pan-African, socialist, anti-repression and peace Movements; and of the worldwide war against him and those Movement, to paraphrase Osagefyo Kwame Nkrumah, is “encumbered with a host of malicious myths:” omissions, errors, conscious-less exaggerations and minimizations, half-truths and shameless lies.


Click here, to hear and see Kwame at the “Black Power Rally” in Greenwood on June 17, 1966

Click here, to hear and see Kwame and Adam Clayton Powell on “Black Power” in DC in July 1966

Click here, to hear and see Kwame’s Black Power speech at Berkeley, October 29, 1966


This historiography,” to paraphrase Joe Street, who teaches at Northumbria University in England, has reached its “golden age,” but it “remains contested ground and a subject of continuing debate.” Our book, The War against Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), enters this contest, joins this debate, and debunks these myths, these “fallacious assumptions,” to paraphrase Kwame. Like Kwame at Berkeley in 1966, we will identify and condemn these myth makers, these exaggerators, these liars; and we will condemn them, and demand that they criticize and condemn, correct and perhaps punish themselves. More importantly, we will debunk and correct these myths in our book.

“We are struggling in the arena of ideas,” as Kwame said at the Malcolm X in the 90’s Symposium in Havana in May 1990. “The form of struggle which we have before us [today] is a serious struggle.”

Our ground-breaking book challenges and changes the established, Euro-centric and Afro-centric (right-wing, center-wing and left-wing) paradigm, narrative and discourse, a much needed, refreshing and revolutionary challenge and change. It is the first, exhaustive, revolutionary, and Pan-African:

  • Study of this historical and continuing COINTELPRO and cointelpro-like war;
  • Historical and socio-political analysis of Kwame’s and our political time and cultural space; and
  • Biography of Kwame Ture, and his contributions to the Citizens Empire and Home Rule Party; the student left at Bronx High School of Science in New York; the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party; the Lowndes County Freedom Organization and the larger struggle to build Freedom Organizations in 21 other counties in Alabama and 631 other counties in the “Black Belt South; “the Black Panther Movement worldwide from 1965 to 1969; the Movement to Take Kwame Nkrumah Back to Ghana; the Democratic Party of Guinea; the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania; the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party; and hundreds of other revolutionary political movements and parties in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World.

Kwame and we helped make and change history. We helped change Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, our families and ourselves, though not as we had hoped or planned, not enough—quantitatively or qualitatively—and certainly not permanently.

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How You Can Help!

You have a choice on which causes you invest your time, talent and treasures in. We need your help because the cost of completing, publishing and launching this book on May 24, 2014 at African Liberation Day in Washington, DC far exceeds our limited resources—human and financial.

We have run this race, with encouragement and support from a small circle of comrades, sisters and brothers, and friends like you, for 50 long, hard years. We see another victory line, a very small victory! We can not cross that victory line however, without your continued encouragement and support.  Please pre-order a paperback copy ($25.00 USD) of The War against Kwame Ture, TODAY! You can also:

  • Invite Bob Brown and the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) to your campus, community, city and country to research, recruit, network, and raise funds. This will enable and empower us to complete our archival research and conduct interviews with people, like many of you, who worked, studied and struggled, sacrificed and suffered with Kwame, but have never been interviewed before.
  • Volunteer to help us complete our archival research and conduct strategic interviews.
  • Recommend The War against Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) as a resource for teachers and students, activists and organizers, especially those who never heard of him, and were not born or of political age during his political time and cultural space.

Thanks for joining our Campaign to support the publication and distribution of the 1st edition of The War against Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael). It has been a long and hard 15-year struggle since Kwame’s transition on November 15, 1998 to produce this much needed and long awaited book. We have made it to this point in our crusade with your encouragement and support. We cannot fulfill our promise to Kwame and you, and cross the victory line without your continued encouragement and support!

Your contribution towards the funding of this effort by pre-ordering a copy ($25.00 USD) of our book TODAY, enables and empowers us to complete and publish this much needed and long demanded narrative-changing, discourse-changing and movement-changing study of political repression against Kwame and us, and the movements, organizations, governments, activities and events, and key personalities with whom he and we collaborated, competed and conflicted throughout Africa, the African Diaspora and the World. This war against him and us, his memory and legacy continues today. It will intensify as we approach the 50th anniversary of his Black Power speech on June 17, 2016.

Your contribution by pre-ordering ($25.00 USD) a copy of our book will enable and empower Kwame to speak to and recruit progressive and revolutionary forces—especially youth and women—in every corner of Africa, the African Diaspora and the World, once again; and it will hopefully inspire them to join the Revolution—the African and World Revolution—like he and we did.

We will keep you updated on our progress!
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