World Votes Against USA Blockade of Cuba Again!

Analoy Lafarque Cau,

International Relations Specialist Africa and the Middle East

Federation of Cuban Women

Theresa Amarelle Boue, National Secretariat,

Secretary General

Dear Comrades,

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party’s women’s-wing, the All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union, prematurely congratulates the Federation of Cuban Women; the Communist Party of Cuba and the indomitable Cuban People on the eve of the success of the June 23rd United Nations vote by the people of the world.

Each year for the past 29 consecutive years the United Nations General Assembly representing most of the worlds people, has overwhelmingly voted to adopt a resolution calling for the end to the illegal economic, commercial, and financial embargo unilaterally imposed by the United States against the people of the Republic of Cuba.

This year, the people of the world is more energized and determined to end once and for all this scar on the face of civilization, called the embargo. The struggle inside the USA in solidarity with Cuba has intensified.  Cuba medical professional’s role in being the front line against the Pandemic around the world has also resulted in an international consciousness about the suffering and death caused by the US blockade on Cuba. The solidarity struggle for Cuba has also intensified internationally.

Cuban Medical personnel was at the forefront in the struggle against Ebola in west Africa. Today the Henry Reeve Brigade has fought COVIT-19 in over 27 countries, As of May 1, over 1,450 Cuban medical personnel were fighting COVID-19 in 22 countries:

The Henry Reeve Brigade has been requested by several municipalities in continental USA to help fight COVID-19 in poverty stricken inner cities’ black, brown, and poor communities. The White House and the government have blocked these request as hundred dies from COVID-19.

The Nobel Prize recipient will be announced on October 8, 2021. Many are working to ensure that the winner will be Cuba’s Henry Reeve Brigade.

Cities and states have passed resolutions and proclamations demanding the Federal Government lift the Blockade against the Cuban people. These city councils include those of PittsburghMinneapolisCleveland, Detroit, Chicago and several others in the San Francisco Bay area and the Northeast, for a total of 14. More recently, eight other city councils have passed resolutions stressing a call for the U.S. and Cuba to cooperate on public health activities, an issue of great interest given Cuba’s very respected role in fighting the pandemic in several countries.

Alabama, Illinois and Michigan State Senates, have also passed resolutions and both houses of the California and Minnesota state legislatures.

Car Caravans, demonstrations, zoom tel-conferences and other programs and action of solidarity are taking place the length and breath of Continental North America and the world.

Cuba will be free from US imperialism, capitalism, racism, occupation and genocide and the A-APRP (GC) and its women’s-wing the A-AWRU (GC) promises its solidarity and support.

Again, Congratulations to the Cuban People and their only legitimate representatives, the Communist Party of Cuba and the always vigilant Federation of Cuban Women.

For the A-APRP (GC)

Lee Robinson, Secretariat

Pan-African and International Affairs

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