Message to the Cuban 5, the People and

Government of Revolutionary Cuba




Salutations to Our Five Brothers/Comrades/Heroes …

You Are A Bright and Shining Star of Today!


Comrades Gerardo, Ramon, Rene, Fernando and Antonio:

Your unyielding display of principles with conviction, determination, dignity, resistance, steadfastness and devotion toward the struggle for truth, justice, peace and the elimination of terror & terrorism has been an exemplary lesson, a heroic model of service, sacrifice and suffering.  As a result of your conviction and dedication to the Cuban Revolution, the revolutionary steadfastness and determination of the Cuban People and Government, and the solidarity of the peace and justice seeking peoples of the world, you have returned to your homeland, “Cuba.”

It was you, the “5,” who served as the nucleus and the driving force of your own return “home” to revolutionary Cuba.  Your spirit of no-compromise, no-sell-out and your will to sacrifice for the truth and the just cause of your people and country and, indeed, for world humanity made your release possible.  Your attitude and behavior are a reflection of the Cuban people’s unyielding love for peace, justice and socialism combined with tireless struggle in securing and defending the aforementioned. Demands for your return never wavered as both the Communist Party of Cuba, the Cuban people, the government and your families maintained a posture of strength and resolve in the face of the U.S.’s unjust and criminal behavior.  Clearly, your understanding of the importance of unity in the face of adversity is a lesson all humanity should embrace as it pushes against the forces of reaction and injustice.

To the Cuban Government and the Communist Party, we salute your effort as architect and guide, leading a sustained battle of political will; keeping your people united, organized, educated and focused against an egregious injustice rendered against a people/nation who, as a matter of principle, seek to elevate humanity in theory and practice.  Additionally, we salute the International Support to Free the Cuban Five, its various committees and groups world-wide for being a vehicle of political education and resistance, doing the “right thing” and calling out the unjust.

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) extends our gratitude to our “5” revolutionary brothers and comrades: Gerardo, Ramon, Rene, Fernando and Antonio, on your return home.  History has recorded Comrade Fidel’s statement, “They Will Return Home” and now they have.  We join the Communist Party of Cuba, the Government of Cuba and the Cuban people in the joyous occasion of welcoming home the remaining members of “the Cuban 5.”


Viva la Cuba!

Viva los Cubanos!

Viva el Revolucionario Cubano 5!


In Revolutionary Solidarity,

All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)


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